Life & Health Coaching

Ready to make amazing changes in your life?  If you’re looking for a new direction, a healthier way of living and seeking a harmonized life – I will assist and support you. I offer 1-1 executive coaching programs, group workshops, health & wellness lunch & learns and seminars.

1-1 executive coaching consists of an hour session each week for three months (12 sessions in total). You will experience transformational change and have the tools and techniques you need to reach your desired goals. Each coaching session is uniquely catered to your specific needs. You will receive accountability, support and structured stepping stones to reach your goals. NLP techniques will be provided to assist you in creating new habits, staying focused and blitzing limited beliefs. You will learn how to boost your confidence and amplify your life to extraordinary heights.

Group workshops are amazingly supportive. People make strong friendships and benefit from solutions provided through others life experiences. They are run for two hours. You will receive a folder with valuable resources in it, e-mail support, video trainings and hands on practical experiences. You will also be given take home samples and organic tea.

Lunch & Learns are delivered in one to two hour time slots. They include a slide presentation, a flip chart, handouts and practical experiences related to the lunch and learn. There is an evaluation form used to collect suggestions to guide future workshops. You will experience an energetic, entertaining, educational presentation that engages audiences and provides clear steps to taking action.

Seminars are half day and full day events. They are structured to educate, entertain and provide transformational change. You will feel motivated, uplifted, energized and supported in taking steps to reach your goals.

Book a 15-30 minute complimentary strategy session, to discover more about seasonal workshops or how to harmonize and HEALTHIFY your life – contact Kirsty [Certified NLP Practitioner and Life/Health Coach] to schedule.

To book a strategy session, call Kirsty on: 608-381-5755 or e mail:

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