Speaker & Coach

Ready to make spectacular changes in your life? ¬†Looking for a new direction, work life balance or catapulting your career to new heights? I will assist and support you. I am an Inspirational Speaker and Certified Health & Life Coach. Here’s what I offer:

Inspirational speaking events, provided hourly, half or full day. They are structured to educate, entertain and provide transformational change. Topics include:

  1. Broadcast Your Brilliance
  2. Directing Dreams Into Daily Doses
  3. Finding Your Creative Calling
  4. Playing To Your Potential
  5. Put the Heal into Healthy (Prep2Plate in 5-15 mins)
  6. Swap Stress For Sublime Success

1-1 executive coaching – this consists of an hour session each week for three months (12 sessions in total). You will experience transformational change and learn tools and techniques to reach your desired goals. Each coaching session is uniquely catered to your specific needs. You will receive accountability, support and structured stepping stones to reach your goals. NLP techniques will be provided to assist you in creating new habits, staying focused and feeling blissfully balanced. You will learn how to boost your confidence and amplify your life to extraordinary heights.

Questions, queries or quandaries? Book a strategy session OR contact Kirsty: 608-381-5755 or e mail: kirstyblattner@gmail.com

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