Life Coaching


Are you ready to be harmonized and amplified to extraordinary heights?

Want to excel beyond belief and design your own odyssey?

If your pipe dreams or bucket list alchemized into reality, how would that feel?

My one-month customized group coaching program will allow you to experience transformational change. You will be inspired to live your passionate, purposeful life. You’ll feel freedom, energy, motivation and harmony. Reach high, dream BIG and imagine that view from your new amplified balanced perspective. What will you do with your revamped – extraordinary life?

Group Life Coaching at BLAT-Chat Consulting is for you if:

You are ready willing and able to change
You are energized to make a difference in the world
You dream big and work diligently
You work and play with passion
You know you can achieve greatness
You love a good challenge
You are ready to take the next step to make your life incredibly amazing beyond belief
You prioritize and love personal growth
You are an amazing human

Group Life Coaching at BLAT-Chat Consulting is NOT for you if:

You enjoy staying in your comfort zone
You don’t welcome or enjoy change
You love excuses and blaming others for your position in life
You live small
You don’t like new experiences
You are close minded to different approaches in life
You have no desire to change your already perfect life
You don’t value personal growth

To book a strategy session, to amplify and harmonize your life – contact Kirsty [Certified NLP Practitioner and Life/Health Coach]┬áto schedule.

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